Electric Fencing

Although different types of fences exist today, all are erected in order to keep trespassers away from accessing our commercial properties, homes and even lands that are not yet in use. Electric fencing help to optimize the reason for fences by assuring a more secured way of protecting your valued assets. This fencing system carries a high voltage of electricity while offering a couple of benefits more.

The advantages of electric fencing are explained below;

  1. Electric fencing assures you of safety

Electric fencing ensures your safety better even when compared with intrusion deterrents such as barbed wire. It functions as a deterrent to intrusion as well because it delivers a shock, which does not have the capacity to cause death or fatal injuries, to whoever tries to intrude into your homes or fenced properties. The sight alone is intimidating, and whoever chooses to count the sight as insignificant and tries to trespass would be faced with the consequence of his action which is a shock from the fence. That way, your safety, that of your home and any other thing that is valuable to you is maintained with no question of integrity.

However, if any being tries to force his/her way even after the electric shock from the fence, there are other top security options that can be activated with the fencing system. An example is intruder alarms. They are equipped to spot out the presence of any intruder on your treasured property, they will also give you an alert on the specific device or door that the intruder(s) is tampering with.

  1. Electric fencing is cheap to maintain

Electric fencing is not expensive to maintain, in that the fence is made of steel wires or aluminium wires as the case may be, and the wires are well coated to guard against rusting even though they are exposed to the environment for very long periods. You need not worry about what the effect of rain would be on the fence or spend extra resources on having it painted at intervals like you would if it were a wooden fence. The core maintenance practices for electric fencing is just proper monitoring of the voltage and connections, ensuring the absence of grass, and keeping other unnecessary objects away from the fence.

  1. Electric fencing can be used for different fence structures

The decision to use electric fencing does not mean you have to demolish your already existing fence because practically, there is almost no fence structure that cannot be modified to adapt the component of electric fencing. You can adopt electric fencing whether your fence is old or new. The component can be fixed to the apex of your fence so that intruders will not be able to climb or jump over the fence, the component can also be put at the fence’s base too. When fixed at the base of your fence, it does not allow trespassers to crawl under the fence. The electric fencing element can also be set up on the cement walls of your security fence, the chain-link kind of fencing and the ornamental iron fencing.

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